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The Process

  • 1. Ingredient

    Great products start with great ingredients! We pick natural ingredients from the best sources and tune our recipes with well known mixologists and chefs to make sure they are at their best. We can use a plethora of different ingredients like fruit juices, herbs and spices to design nearly any recipe you can think of!

    Want to get involved? Take part of our "Beta Tasters" program to get exclusive access to our development of new products.

  • 2. Design

    We make your drinks come true! The beauty of our products comes from the design of the shape. We use custom 3D software to create the shape of the products. There is really no shortage of possibilities here! We simply start with a great concept and make it a reality!

    You are a brand and would like your own shape? It's easier than you think. Get in touch!

  • 3. 3D Printing

    This is where the magic happens! We designed and built our very own 3D printing technology to make food products into any shape, at an incredible speed! Without getting too technical, the technology consists of solidifying very small layers (down to 50micrometer) of food one on top of the other. Each layer is slightly different and after hundreds of "2D layers", we end up with a "3D Drink"! The technology is packed with features. We're even able to create products with microscopic porosities to make them dissolve faster than if you were to put the ingredients directly in liquid. It is an incredibly impressive and versatile technology and we hope to keep further deploying it for further applications.

    You are a manufacturing company and would like to know more? Get in touch with our geeks!

  • 4. Packaging

    Over the years, we've acquired a lot of experience designing packaging for our corporate customers. This time around, we designed a packaging solution that is recyclable and adapted to the new pandemic reality by individually protecting each 3D Drink to reduce contamination and increase hygiene.

    You are a brand and would like your own packaging design? We'll take care of everything for you! Get in touch.

  • 5. Shipping

    We worked hard to lower the shipping costs of our products to help you get easier access to them. We know it’s hard to wait for your favorite 3D drink, so that’s why we offer express delivery as well. We ship to a growing number of countries and look our for us in more and more retail stores!