How it works

Why we exist

Poseidn was born to make the most amazing drinks known to man. We eat creativity for breakfast and we are not scared to bring our crazy ideas to life! Built from hard work and passion, here are our best creations!

How it began

Poseidn started as an experiment. We wondered if we could use 3D printing to solidify food into any shape we wanted. This would allow new opportunities for customized food that can be perfectly tuned to specific needs. What started as a simple but crazy idea turned into an incredible project where we learned a lot about making the best natural and sustainable products. It took a lot of brilliant minds and several headaches to get to the point where we could make superior products that deliver amazing taste, experience and ease of use - without sacrifices to the ingredients list. Now we are constantly opening our creative minds to make products we love and hope you can enjoy them as we do!

Why drink bombs?



There is a certain satisfaction to making your own drink with little effort and no skills at all! We do our best to create an experience you have never had before with products shaped like they are straight out of a Sci-Fi world!



Because we have incredible freedom in our process, we can do things like: making cocktails with mixologists to match bar standards or even make the perfect hot chocolate your mama made for you when you were a kid! It is hard to create recipes everyone loves, but we iterate them continuously in the endless pursuit of global appreciation!



To the outside world, it may seem trivial, but making food products with a small list of great ingredients is no easy task! We worked hard to make sure our recipes taste great without saying goodbye to great ingredients. We always try to get a few great ingredients and also to keep nutrition facts in check with the best in the industry.


Our secret weapon

You’ve guessed it! The technology we created is the reason this is all possible. But that’s not all! We also have a team of incredibly smart folks who have an intense passion for making outstanding products that can change the way we see food and beverages in the future!

Where we’re

One thing we will not do here at Poseidn, is sit back and relax. We’re on the hunt for the products that will have the biggest impact on our customer’s lives and we’ll continue to release new beverage types and recipes. Watch out for some seriously innovative products from us! You can also be part of this development! If you have interest or ideas about our prodcuts, pleeease get in touch with us!

Hot Chocolate (Original)

Cucumber & Lime

Passion Sangria

Blood Orange & Rosemary

Food safe

Poseidn manufactures all products in Quebec, Canada. We’re physically in a large food-certified facility with very high standards for food safety. We have regular testing and ongoing quality control to ensure products are safe and consistent. Our factory is completely nut-free and has strict allergen control.

3D Printed


Preservatives Free


Peanut Free

Fruit Juice


Poseidn was born out of collaborations. So much that it is now ingrained in our DNA. We thrive on working hand in hand with diverse partners—brands, influencers, ambassadors, and institutions—to create win-win partnerships. Whether it's co-creating innovative products, amplifying our message through influencers, leveraging passionate ambassadors, or supporting causes with institutions, collaboration is the key to our growth. We invite like-minded collaborators to join us on this journey of creativity, innovation, and making a positive impact. Reach out!


Get in touch with us on social media! We do our best to post beautiful and meaningful content. You can also post photos of videos of your experience! We love the feedback!