Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Who are we?

Poseidn is revolutionizing the beverage industry by being the world's first & only brand to create amazing 3D-Printed Drinks Bombs (Cocktail Bombs, Hot Chocolate Bombs, Tea Bombs and more) with its unique technology!

Within each delicately designed bomb lies a world of rich flavours and natural ingredients curated by award-winning mixologists.

We give you the easiest & perfect way to make delicious drinks at home without being a mixologist yourself!

How it works?

We created Drink Bombs using our very own 3D-printing technology that solidifies food into any beautiful shape we can think of. The possibilities are endless!

They dissolve in liquid to create exquisite drinks (cocktails, hot beverages and even functional beverages).

Simply drop, stir, end up with ice and enjoy the magic!

Where is Poseidn based?

Our factory and head office are located in Quebec, Canada.

550, avenue Godin, Québec, Québec G1M 2K2.

Please note that our facilities are not open to the public. Only pick-up options for web orders are available at the Laura Secord factory store.

Is Poseidn certified for food manufacturing?

Yes! Are certified by the BRC (GFSI) certificate!

Where to buy Poseidn's products ?

You can buy our products online through our website or, if you prefer buying our products in physical stores, we're also available in many points of sale across Canada and United States.

To know which retailers sell our products, click on the following link:

If you're looking for a specific flavor, we strongly recommend that you contact the dealer before going to the store as most of them have a limited selection of our inventory.

Drink Bombs

Where are 3D Drink Bombs made?

We glad to be a French-Canadian company. All of our 3D Drink Bombs are made in our factory in Quebec city.

Can we mix your Cocktail Bombs with other spirits?

The mixologist part of ourselves will tell you that it's not optimal to use our Cocktail Bombs with a different spirit since every cocktail recipe was designed to work with a specific type of spirit.

However, there are a lot of combinations that will work and in a world of infinite tastes, you get to try whatever you want! Who knows? Maybe you'll find an incredible mix that we would have never thought of that we'd love to hear about!

Can we use Hot Chocolate Bombs with water?

Absolutely, our Hot Chocolate Bombs will dissolve with hot water or hot milk.

If you can't drink cow milk, there are many other options available on the market that our clients have tried and loved to use with our bombs.

Can we use Cocktail Bombs to make mocktails?

Yes, you can use almost all of our Cocktail Bombs without alcohol to create mocktails!

At this time, it's hard to approve that your final drinks will taste as desired, but in 2024, we'll be working on trying recipes to suggest you exactly how to make them as mocktails for the best results possible.

There are also several alcohol-free spirits on the market that might work with our Cocktail Bombs to easily replace alcohol.

What is the shelf life of your Drink Bombs?

The shelf life of the products varies depending on the recipe. It is usually 18 months after the manufacturing date. The products must be kept in a dry environment. Humidity is the main factor that will affect shelf life. We recently went through a lot of tests with our product to ensure that we provide a more accurate best before date.

Where to store Drink Bombs to preserve them?

The very best way to keep our Drink Bombs as long as possible is to store them in a dry place free from humidity and away from any heat source. The important thing is that the packaging remains airtight. This is what guarantees the proper functioning of the product.

How to make sure that Cocktail Bombs dissolve entirely and fast?

Always following our instructions is the key for the best experience with our products.

It's very important to dissolve the Cocktail Bomb in the right amount of alcohol first. Stirring the mix a bit to fully mix it. The amount of time you might need to stir will depend on the recipe - since we use natural ingredients, some of them are just naturally slower to dissolve.

Tips : Do not try to dissolve the Drink Bombs in sparkling water or ice right away. They are specially designed to melt in flat liquid i.e. alcohol, water, etc. Always add the other liquid and ice as the last steps!

Do the Drinks Bombs contain chemical additives?

No. There are no chemicals added in our ingredients. We only use top quality natural flavors made here in Quebec for all of our Drink Bombs.

Do Drink Bombs have added sugar?

Our drink bombs contain a low amount of sugar to achieve the best balance in the taste. We work hard to make our recipes as healthy as possible. Our ingredients are carefully chosen and are approved by Health Canada.

To compare, most major juice brands contain more sugar than our products!

Are Drink Bombs safe for allergies and intolerances?

All our products are 100% nut-free, vegan, dairy & egg free, gluten free, non-GMO and preservatives-free.

We carefully choose the ingredients in our recipes and we pay special attention to ensure that as many people as possible can fully benefit from it. Furthermore, we operate in a nut-free facility and therefore our procedure standards are highly checked. Enjoy !

Can we eat the Drink Bombs ?

We do not recommend eating the products raw because they are no made for this purpose. They are made to dissolve in liquid to create amazing drinks. However, no harm should be caused if eaten raw.

Order, shipping & returns

Where do you ship to?

We mostly ship to Canada and US locations, however we do have orders from all around the world.

Please reach out to us at to make sure we can ship to you if you are international. Our team can provide you an approximate shipping cost.

How can I track my order?

When your order ship, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number, so you can follow your delivery. If you need assistance to help you track your order, please reach out to our customer team by email:

How long does shipping take?

For the main urban areas in Quebec and Ontario, it can take up to 3 business days before your order is processed and shipped from our facility. After this, it usually takes 2 to 5 business days to be delivered.

For the rest of Canada and US, the delay varies considerably as it depends mainly on the local operator. You will be able to see an approximate shipping date at checkout depending on your address and courier chosen.

What are the shipping fees ?

Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the destination and the weight of the parcel.

However, for any order over $45, the delivery is on us.

What to do if my order was damaged during delivery?

A damaged product is a product that was not received in the same condition as it was when the order was sent. For example, the consumable product is crushed. In such cases, Poseidn will give you a replacement of the damaged products upon receipt of a photo to: The request must be made within 14 days of the date of receipt of the damaged product.

What to do if my order is incomplete or there is a missing product?

Upon delivery, if your order is incomplete, please send us an email to: The request must be made within 14 days after your order is delivered. Poseidn will look into it and send you the missing items if applicable or refund you the equivalent amount of the missing items in Canadian dollar.

What to do if I received a defective item?

If the product received is defective, please send a photo clearly demonstrating the defect to:

If Poseidn is able to see that there is actually a defect related to the product, a replacement will be send to you as soon as possible.


How can I buy large quantity for an event or for wholesale?

For special order requests, please contact customer service at You will be put in contact with the right person to answer your needs.

Can you create custom Drink Bombs and/or packaging?

Yes! We'd love to hear more about your amazing project. Please contact our team at where you'll be put in contact with the right person! *Miminum quantities are required for customs projects*