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The DON'TS of the Cocktail industry

Sep 7, 2023
3 minute read

Welcome cocktail lovers! The art of mixology involves a delicate balancing act of creativity, talent, and knowledge in order to create the ideal drink. There are many dos and don'ts when it comes to mixing drinks, but today we'll concentrate on the DON'TS of the cocktail world. So let's get started!

  • Don't overcomplicate: While creativity is essential in mixology, it's critical to keep your drinks simple. Many bartenders make the mistake of using too many ingredients, which leads to overpowering flavors or an unbalanced dish. Luckily, our Cocktail Bombs are here to make it easy for you with their three easy steps!
  • Don't forget the basics: Before attempting to modify any cocktails, learning the traditional forms is essential. A lack of knowledge of the fundamentals, such as the right ratios and methods, can make it difficult for you to make drinks that are well-balanced. Follow the instructions on each of our packaging to make sure that you use good ratios.

  • Don't skip on quality: Using top-notch ingredients is crucial in the cocktail industry. Your cocktail’s overall flavor and experience will suffer if you use cheap ingredients or inferior alcohol. Always choose fresh and high-quality components, such as fruits, herbs, and good alcoholic beverages. Some of our recipe recommendations include a specific type of wine or spirits. We highly suggest you follow these suggestions for the perfect experience. 
  • Don't ignore hygiene and cleanliness: Even when consuming cocktails at home, maintaining sanitation and cleanliness in mixology is essential for a secure and pleasurable drinking experience. Keep your bar area tidy and well-organized to start. To avoid cross-contamination and guarantee the purity of your drinks, regularly clean your instruments, glassware, and surfaces. In your home mixology attempts, putting sanitation and hygiene first will improve the quality and safety of your drinks, making each sip enjoyable and stress-free.

In conclusion, mastering the craft of mixology necessitates avoiding typical cocktail errors. You can advance your trade and distinguish yourself as a talented mixologist by abstaining from overcomplicating your concoctions, honoring the fundamentals, placing a premium on quality, keeping your surroundings clean, providing exceptional customer service and above all, by using our Cocktail Bombs. 

So keep these DON'TS in mind as you create drinks. Cheers!