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Introducing our new Cocktail Variety Pack

Sep 4, 2023
3 minute read

Introducing our Cocktail Variety Pack, a selection of our best-sellers created to satiate your need for mixology and to try out all of our best Cocktail Bombs. Enter a world of delights as we present an exquisite collection of 8 amazing Cocktail Bombs that have been in high demand from our dear customers.

A flavor dream team

Get ready to be charmed by a fine collection of flavor nuances. The Cocktail Variety Pack includes a selection of our best-sellers Cocktail Bombs that perfectly capture the flavor of your preferred alcoholic beverages, resulting in a seductive symphony of flavors. You can unleash your inner mixologist while making a large variety of cocktails, such as: 

Cucumber & Lime (Gin): A refreshing Cocktail Bomb with a burst of cucumber and zesty lime.

Blood Orange & Rosemary (Gin): A harmonious blend of infused blood orange and aromatic rosemary.

Pineapple & Coconut (Rum): Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this delightful Cocktail Bomb infused with pineapple and coconut.

Tiki Mai Tai (Rum): Experience the allure of the Tiki culture with this Drink Bomb that pays homage to the classic Mai Tai.

Shaman (Vodka): Unleash the mystical flavors of vodka infused with raspberry and litchi flavors.

Cosmopolitan (Vodka): Elevate your cosmopolitan experience that tastes like cranberry, orange and jasmin.

Reàl Sangria (white wine): Immerse yourself in the fruity and vibrant flavors of a Sangria Bomb that taste like berries, peaches and grapefruits.

Passion Sangria (white wine): Succumb to the passion with this Sangria Bomb that blends luscious fruit notes of mango and passion fruit. 

Cocktail Variety Pack

You asked for it!

You asked for it and now you got it! The Cocktail Variety Pack is the result of numerous requests and inquiries, and it represents your desire for exceptional mixology experiences. Your passion has motivated us to create a selection of our 8 best-selling Cocktail Bombs in one pack. 

Improve your home bartending adventures, wow your guests at events, or just relax in a private drinks hideaway. Each bomb promises a journey of flavor discovery!

Perfect for sharing and giving

The Cocktail Variety Pack can be a great gift for a peer who enjoys finer things in life or to share with other cocktail enthusiasts. Everyone will enjoy the variety of flavors on offer. 

The Cocktail Variety Pack pays homage to the sophisticated tastes of our esteemed customers. It's a celebration of your love of mixology and a sign of your desire for an extraordinary cocktail experience. Toast to the arrival of this amazing product that was made for you.