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10 reasons to drink mocktails!

Sep 8, 2023
3 minute read

Poseidn’s Cocktail Bombs can be used to make a variety of mocktails, whether you're throwing a party, staying in, or just searching for a refreshing beverage.Our Cocktail Bombs offer diverse options to suit any palate, ranging from fruity and tropical flavors to spicy and herbal infusions.

There are a lot of reasons to drink mocktails such as:

  • Hydration: Drinking Mocktails can help you stay hydrated, especially if they include fresh fruit juices, coconut water, or herbal infusions. They taste better than flat water and they keep you hydrated ;).

  • Designated driver: Mocktails provide a delightful option that allows you to participate fully in the celebration without jeopardizing your role as a responsible driver.

  • Morning or daytime enjoyment: Mocktails can be consumed at any moment because they do not contain alcohol. You don’t have to wait until 5 pm to drink it. They are ideal for brunches, baby showers, afternoon parties, or any other event that calls for a tasty, non-alcoholic beverage.

  • Allergy-friendly: Many people are allergic or sensitive to specific alcoholic beverages or substances in cocktails. Mocktails provide a safe and inclusive choice for people with dietary restrictions, allowing them to enjoy a tasty drink without worry.

  • Health reasons: Some people may suffer from illnesses that negatively interact with alcohol. When this occurs, choosing mocktails ensures that potential health issues are avoided without compromising the fun of drinking a nice and tasty drink.

  • Fitness goals: Some people need to check their calorie intake to reach their fitness goals. In these cases, mocktails are great alternatives to replace the high-calorie volume that alcohol contains.

  • Money saving: Instead of paying the extra cost of alcohol, people can enjoy a pleasant beverage by choosing mocktails. Typically, non-alcoholic ingredients like fruit juices, soda, and herbs are used to make mocktails since they are less expensive than alcoholic spirits. Your wallet will thank you! ;)

  • Religion/beliefs: Some religions and belief systems encourage abstinence from alcohol or set forth specific rules for its intake. In these situations, mocktails offer a suitable substitute that enables people to participate in social events and enjoy the camaraderie associated with beverages while being true to their personal or religious values.

  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women can still enjoy delicious and savory drinks by opting for mocktails without endangering their health or the health of their unborn child. Additionally, mocktails offer a revitalizing method of maintaining hydration, which is essential throughout pregnancy ;)

Mocktails have limitless options that will set you out on a fascinating adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and completely satisfied without all the negative effects of alcohol consumption.