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About Us


Some turn water into wine - that’s so limiting! We’re here to take it to the next level! We come to you with the world’s finest-looking 3D Printed Drinks - Food items that dissolve to create exquisite cocktails, hot beverages and even functional beverages.



Since 2015, we’ve been creating our own, state of the art, 3D printing technology to be able to create entirely new food products and applications. From that moment on, we’ve been mainly working undercover to develop new 3D products for amazing large brands who have trusted us with our crazy ideas.  Now, the team at Poseidn is home to foodies, designers and engineers fueled by creativity and constantly pushing the limits of the industry. Poseidn is our own brand of products designed by us and represents what we would like to buy as customers. We’ve always wanted to make our own creations with our own rules and so here it is! Get ready to see our boldest, funkiest and sexiest product concepts. We won’t be shy to make crazy ideas a reality.

3D drink Raspberry green tea cocktail Poseidn


We want to make your drinks come true! We started the Poseidn mouvement to create a new category of drinks. A category of drinks where everything is tuned to taste. We believe looks, taste and function are not mutually exclusive!


Innovation starts with crazy: We've had our fair share of challenges so we made a habit of encouraging crazy bold ideas. There is a process to it but we think that ultimately all great innovations were once crazy ideas. If we can't "kill" an idea, it's a great candidate for a breakthrough!

Act smart, fast: It's an art to make great choices without overthinking. We prefer the smart approach to things but, more often than not, we don't have a decade to find a solution so we do our best to be efficient in our decision making. 

Simply better: If simple is better, does that make better simple?

Think like a customer: We like you! It's important for us to include our customers in the decision-making process so we make sure you have a seat at the table.